All Pro All Stars Competition Hair & Makeup – 2012-2013

All Pro All Stars Competition Hair & Makeup – 2012-2013

Each athlete is required to wear our designated makeup look during competitions. This is a part of their uniform and is not optional. Reminder – this is stage/performance makeup that is meant to be visible from a judging table/crowd, not the makeup you would wear on a daily basis.

Cover-up, foundation, bronzer, blush etc. is recommended for all teams but not required for non-senior teams. Senior teams should be in full makeup.

All athletes will use our team colors (purple/silver) for their eyes. I highly suggest that all athletes purchase this pack to make your eye application extremely simple: If you choose to not purchase this pack you must have your eye makeup approved before the Home Show (January 13th) by your coach (i.e. come to practice with your makeup done as you would do it for a competition). Please use the looks below as a guide.

Eyeliner and mascara are recommended for all teams but only required for senior teams. We have found that liquid eyeliner with a bit of a winged tip tends to look best for performances.

Purple Eye Makeup1 Purple Eye Makeup2

All athletes must wear some lip color that will stand out as well as complement your skin tone. Please make sure it has an all-day lasting time period. We recommend Maybelline SuperStay 24, Covergirl lip stain, or Revlon Colorstay Overtime.

Hair must be pulled up completely into a high, secure ponytail with a side braid (left to right) in the front. If for some reason your hair cannot be braided please just pull it up into a high ponytail. Bows should be placed facing forward as seen in the images below. You may curl your ponytail if you choose to but we are not requiring this. Please use hairspray, gel, extra hair ties etc. to secure hair. Bobby pins, clips, etc. are not allowed as they are cause for a safety deduction in competition.

Side Braid High Pony Tail SE13

Hip Hop Note: On select performances, a separate hairstyle may be required for athletes on FLASH. See your coach for more details.

All athletes should keep a case of their makeup, hair supplies, etc. that they bring to competition.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


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