Level 5 Cheerleading Tryout Tips

Full Twisting Layout

We are just a few short weeks away from Cheerleading & Hip Hop Tryouts for our All Star Cheerleading and Dance program in Maryland.

Are you interested in trying out? Here are some tumbling skills that we will look for on Level 5:

  • Standing Full
  • Standing Back Handspring Full and/or Double Full
  • Roundoff Full Twisting Layout
  • Roundoff Back Handspring Full Twisting Layout
  • Back Walkover Full Twisting Layout
  • Punch Front Roundoff Back Handspring(s) Full or Double Full
  • Arabians
  • Whips

These are skills you should be working towards but do not necessarily have to master before tryouts. At minimum you will need a roundoff backhandspring full twisting layout.

Cheerleading Tryouts are May 13th and May 16th at All Pro All Stars Cheerleading and Dance. Our address is 6685 Santa Barbara Road Elkridge, MD 21075. 

Sign up for tryouts today by emailing allproallstars@gmail.com with your name and age so we can keep you informed on tryout times.


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Maryland Cheerleading and Maryland Dance Teams, Elkridge, MD

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